Rose de Heer Design was tasked to create a compelling prospectus, introducing investors to the RISE project. RISE Costa Rica is a unique residential and resort development. From living buildings to organic farms, the focus is on sustainability, maintaining the best water, waste and energy building principles, reforesting and producing perennial food crops that nourish the soil as well as guests and community. The ownership intentionally chose previously developed land adjacent to primary rainforest. Plans for reforestation of the property will create wildlife corridors and expand habitat, increasing the number and diversity of wildlife over time. Total reforestation efforts to date cover over 60 acres with thousands of forest trees planted. Using extraordinary photography and a simple typographic architecture, we created a clean and inviting marketing tool.

Rise Costa Rica introduction
Rise Costa Rica concept
Rise Costa Rica Retreat and Residences
Rise Costa Rica green building principles
Rise Costa Rica
Rise Costa Rica project milestones
Rise Costa Rica development brochure
RIse Costa Rica development brochure
RIse Costa Rica back cover
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